ThrillerFest 2013: A Postscript


This past week, I was in New York City for one of my favorite events of the year, ThrillerFest.  For those of you who don’t know what ThrillerFest is, take a gander here.  For those of you who are like me and therefore too lazy to click on a link, I will explain:


You know the saying “the more you learn, the less you know?”  Well, holy crap, does that apply to me and TV.

As you know, my Esme novels have been optioned for TV, first by an executive producer (Barry Josephson) and then, additionally, by a studio (20th Century Fox).  This is what people in the business generally refer to as Very Good News.  Subsequently, a veteran writer, Daniel Voll, was hired to punch out the pilot script.  The plan, as I was told, was to have the script ready for February so it could be pitched to the networks.

Here, have $50

People have been getting on my case about me not updating my blog on a regular basis or even an irregular basis and, well, they’re not wrong.

So in the spirit of relaunching with a bang (rather than a whimper), here is my latest blog post, complete with an opportunity to win $$$.

Oooh. $$$!

The rules are as follows:

1. On either Facebook or Twitter, please inform your lovely followers the news that my novel NUCLEAR WINTER WONDERLAND is on sale for 25% off this week at Amazon. Please include in your post a link to the book’s Amazon page, which is:

Thrillerfest Day Three

So another Thrillerfest comes to a close.

Today began quite early, with the Debut Authors Breakfast at 8am. Since the gifted and very sweet Hilary Davidson was among this year’s class, I forced myself out of bed and slumbered into the banquet hall where each of the 40+ authors, including Hilary, pitched their novels to the 100+ in attendance. Some of these novels sounded absolutely terrific, and I wish I had endless pockets of ducats with which to purchase them all.

Thrillerfest Day Two

Good evening from the Grand Hyatt, where the room temperature is a very pleasant 68 degrees and yours truly is six inches away from a six hour nap. But first, a recap:

Thrillerfest Day One

Today was a good day.

Breakfast consisted of decaf coffee. While drinking, I ran into my friend Sophie Littlefield, who was about to host a panel on relationships in suspense fiction and the panelists were none other than JT Ellison and Erica Spindler. The panel was mainly for aspiring writers, but I snuck it anyway. The panel went quite well and provided a wealth of information for everyone. My personal highlight came near the end when a member of the audience asked about maintaining tension in a novel and JT singled me out as a writer who was able to sustain tension effectively over a long period of time. What a nice thing to say.

Thrillerfest Day Zero

So this is what happened:

Last Wednesday, my great-aunt Rosie, who is 94 years-old and lives alone in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment in Pawtucket, RI, was getting up from the couch in her living room when she fell. As she fell, she accidentally knocked over a side table, which then landed on top of her.

She was trapped under the table for four days.

Thrillerfest Day Negative One

Hello from West Warwick, RI, where I am detouring for a night on my way to the Grand Hyatt in NYC for Thrillerfest 2011. I actually flew into LaGuardia and spent more time in NYC already than I’d planned today, mostly due to construction and traffic, but complaining about construction and traffic on I95 is like complaining about the lack of oxygen on the moon.

The Tyranny of Numbers


Today my mother turns 62.  Her cancer turns 3.


Numbers are so haughty.  Numbers are the aristocracy of time and they know it.  “Without us, how can you measure a life?” they say.  “Without us, how can you identify change?”


My mother has stage 4 ovarian cancer. This means that the tumors in her body are greater than 2 cm. in diameter. Tumors, like children, receive grades, from 0-3, in rising scale of malignancy.  My mother, always the overachiever, carries around inside of her, along her pelvis and liver and pancreas and lymph nodes, a veritable symposium of Grade 3 tumors.