While Galileo Preys


Published by: Mira
Release Date: 09/01/2010
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 978-0778328117


“If there were a god, he would have stopped me.”

That’s the message discovered atop an elementary school in downtown Atlanta. Across the street are the bodies of fourteen innocent men and women, each quickly and cleanly murdered. The sniper Galileo is on the loose. He can end a human life from hundreds of yards away. And he is just getting started.

Where others see puzzles, Esme Stuart sees patterns, and these outside-the-box inductive skills made her one of the FBI’s top field operatives. But she turned her back on all that eight years ago to start a family and live a normal life. She now has a husband and a daughter and a Long Island home to call her own, far removed from the bloody streets of Atlanta.

But Galileo’s murders escalate and Esme’s beleaguered old boss at the Bureau needs the help of his former protégée. But how can she turn her back on her well-earned quiet life? How would she ever be able to justify such a choice to her husband? To her daughter?

And what will happen when Galileo turns his scope on them?


“Joshua Corin is a new name to watch in crime fiction. Fearless, inventive, and intuitive, his writing is incredibly self-assured.”
— J.T. Ellison, bestselling author of The Cold Room

“Enjoyable thriller [with] faultless action scenes..”
—Publishers Weekly

“Corin has created a quirky, savvy profiler in Esme Stuart and a first-rate antagonist in the sniper. Readers are going to hope Corin has a whole series of books planned for Esme.”
—Romantic Times

“I never understood what spine-tingling meant until I read this book. Starting with the man out walking his dog in Atlanta, coming across the body of a man in a pink prom dress, to the fitting conclusion, While Galileo Preys will have you on the edge of your seat.”
—San Francisco Book Review

“While Galileo Preys is my first taste of what Mr. Corin has to offer. For suspense/thriller fans like me, author Joshua Corin is a dream come true. The intensity levels were insanely high throughout this book from beginning to end. I couldn’t get enough. Esme kicks butt and takes names. I am so happy to learn that this series is based around her. The cat and mouse game Galileo and Esme played had me on the edge of my seat. Mr. Corin had just gotten a stalker out of me with While Galileo Preys.”
—Manic Readers

“While Galileo Preys had me hooked from page one. The terror and chaos that one killer creates could be based on headline news. The protagonists are strong, but have their flaws. Tom and Esme have a sixth sense that has kept them alive. Tom knows the random killings are tied together, and with Esme’s help, they will stop Galileo. There is a huge cast of secondary characters that Mr. Corin has developed nicely, and they round out the story. I personally would like Rafe, along with his father Lester, to take a long walk off a short bridge, but no such luck. Other characters are a blend of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the innocent. While Galileo Preys is an excellent bone-chilling tale. The plot is tightly woven, and the action doesn’t stop until the last page. I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Corin’s work. This is a must read.”
—Romance Reviews Today


Chapter One

The bum wore pink. A prom dress, really. Torso to kneecaps swathed in bubble gum taffeta. His spidery limbs, black with grime and hair, jutted out in wrong angles. The bum was face-down in the basin of a puddle in the middle of MLK Drive, and lay undiscovered until 3:16a.m.

Andre Banks (age 28) and his pug Moira (age 3) were out for a stroll. Andre was walking off his insomnia. His parents were coming to visit and that never ever boded well. Andre and Moira normally kept only to Lincoln Street, the dimly-lit cul-de-sac in which they lived, but the young man had a lot more anxiety than usual to walk off.

Moira made sure to baptize every hydrant on their path, and was christening her eleventh when Andre spotted the bum in the road.

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